President William Ruto has issued a directive urging all Cabinet Secretaries and principal secretaries to take proactive steps to effect change within their respective ministries.

During the conclusion of the second National Executive Retreat in Naivasha, Ruto emphasized the vital role of leadership in driving transformation in Kenya. He underscored that it is their collective responsibility to lead the way in bringing about positive change.

Ruto emphasized the possibility of transforming Kenya and urged his team to seize the opportunity to make a significant impact. He highlighted the longstanding challenge of leadership in Kenya and called upon all members of the Executive to step forward and fulfill their duties diligently.

Expressing confidence in his team’s capabilities, Ruto asserted that a well-run government can achieve remarkable feats. He assured the Cabinet Secretaries and principal secretaries of his unwavering support in their endeavors.

Reflecting on Kenya’s potential for development, Ruto lamented that the country has not reached its full potential due to past leadership shortcomings. He urged his colleagues to leverage their positions to propel Kenya forward and fulfill its vast potential.

Ruto advised Cabinet members to seek guidance from senior officials when faced with uncertainty, reaffirming his commitment to providing support whenever needed.

Finally, Ruto emphasized the high expectations placed on the Executive by Kenyans and stressed the importance of delivering on promises to avoid undermining public trust in the government.

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