Tana River Senator Danson Mungatana has called upon opposition leader Raila Odinga to throw his support behind President William Ruto for his reelection bid in 2027, citing Ruto’s previous support for Raila and his instrumental role in securing the AU Commission chairman position.

Speaking in Hola Town, Mungatana emphasized Ruto’s statesmanship and highlighted their historical alliance, pointing out Ruto’s backing of Raila’s 2007 presidential bid and his recent support for Raila’s candidacy for the AU role.

“In 2007, William Ruto supported you in your presidential bid, and now, 17 years later, in 2024, Ruto is instrumental in helping you secure the AU position. When the time comes in 2027, we urge you to also extend your support to President Ruto’s reelection,” Mungatana stated.

Mungatana also emphasized the importance of Raila’s bid in regional politics, asserting that Kenya stands to benefit significantly from his victory.

“We thank the President for supporting Raila’s candidacy for the African Union Commission Chairmanship. It’s a crucial position that will bring positive impacts for us as Kenyans,” Mungatana added.

The senator highlighted the significance of the AU top job, emphasizing the office holder’s role in major international affairs, including elections, conflicts, and development, both in Africa and globally.

While Ruto has not publicly declared his support for his own reelection bid, his party, the UDA, has endorsed his candidacy, with the party’s Secretary General praising him as a “true Pan-Africanist.”

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