The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party has confirmed that preparations are complete for their upcoming party nominations, scheduled for later this month.

Cleophas Malala, the Party Secretary General, emphasized the commitment to ensuring the nominations are conducted freely, fairly, and credibly. He assured that the first phase of the primaries, set to commence on March 26, would adhere to high standards of transparency.

Malala announced that the elections would utilize electronic voting systems to enhance transparency and verification. This decision marks a significant milestone, as it represents the first grassroots elections to be conducted digitally across all polling stations.

Speaking at the 62nd edition of the Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals contest in Embu County, Malala highlighted the importance of electronic voting in advancing Kenya’s democratic journey. He urged people to celebrate this achievement and expressed confidence in the credibility of the upcoming grassroots elections.

Malala encouraged aspiring leaders to view the nominations as an opportunity to develop and showcase their leadership ideas. He emphasized the importance of nurturing and incubating leadership qualities during this process.

Furthermore, the UDA Secretary General urged supporters to continue registering as members of the party. He emphasized that the UDA Party is a national entity, inclusive of all Kenyans, and not bound by ethnic affiliations.

In addition to the preparations for the nominations, Malala announced the establishment of an Elections Disputes Resolution Committee. This committee, described as a quasi-judicial body within the party, is tasked with resolving any disputes that may arise during the elections in a fair and amicable manner.