Widow’s Plea for Severe Punishment

Judy Thuo, the widow of the late George Thuo, who was a Member of Parliament for Juja, appeared in the High Court on Tuesday. She pleaded with the court to impose severe penalties on the owner of Porkies Club and his five employees, who were found guilty of her husband’s murder.

In her statement before Judge Roselyn Korir, who is presiding over the case, Judy emphasized that her husband’s death had deeply affected her family. She insisted that those responsible should be punished harshly according to the law.

Judy urged the court to deliver justice, stating that her husband’s life, which was full of love for her, their children, and their extended family, should not have been lost in vain.

Details of the Case

Paul Wainaina Boiyo, known as Sheki, the owner of the popular club in Thika, along with his five employees, were found guilty of killing Thuo in 2013. They will have to wait until June 21, 2024, to know their fate when Judge Korir will deliver the sentence.

Judge Korir ordered that the accused remain in custody.

“My husband had no enemies. He went out and never came back. He died in the hands of the people he was with at Porkies Club. I ask this court to punish those responsible. A life cannot be lost just like that,” Judy said in her statement to the probation officer.

Impact on the Family

Judge Korir had requested a report from the victims of Thuo’s murder, including his wife, siblings, and neighbors. In the report presented by Mercy Kanyange, the court was informed that Thuo’s death had significant negative impacts on his family, considering he was a generous person.

The victims urged the court to impose severe punishment on the convicted individuals.

Defense’s Plea

However, veteran lawyer Dr. John Khaminwa, who has been practicing law for over 60 years, asked Judge Korir to consider leniency and allow the accused to serve non-custodial sentences. Dr. Khaminwa argued that it was unlikely for six people to poison one individual.

Court’s Verdict

Judge Korir found Boiyo, Christopher Lumbasio Andika, Andrew Karanja Wainaina, Samuel Kuria Ngugi, Esther Ndinda Mulinge, and Ruth Vanessa Irungu guilty of murdering Thuo by poisoning him on November 19, 2013.

After the guilty verdict, Dr. Khaminwa expressed his surprise, stating that he did not expect the court to find the accused guilty. He argued that it was improbable for six people to poison one person.

Following the conviction, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Renson Ingonga requested the probation department to interview the convicts and the deceased’s family before sentencing.

Analysis of Evidence

Assessing the evidence presented, Judge Korir stated that all the accused were involved in Thuo’s death. Thuo, according to his lawyers, had been fearing for his life. He was listed as a witness in a case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, related to the post-election violence of 2007, where over 1,000 people were killed and more than 600,000 displaced.

Lawyers defending the accused suggested that those threatening Thuo’s life might be responsible. However, Judge Korir dismissed these claims, stating that the accused were the ones who poisoned Thuo’s drink while he was watching a Formula One race at the club.

Cause of Death

The court revealed that Thuo died from internal bleeding in his intestines. “Boiyo and Andika had spoken with Thuo before he left his house. They had enough time to plan either good or ill for the politician,” Judge Korir said.

Two of Boiyo’s employees sat with Thuo at the same table and did not leave until Thuo collapsed. Before collapsing, Thuo had told Boiyo he felt hot and went to his office to take off his vest.

When he returned to the club, Ndinda sold him a drink, and tests on the bottles and glasses revealed the presence of poison that killed Thuo.

Final Moments

Judge Korir noted that Vanessa had bought Thuo a drink, hugged, and kissed him, making the court wonder if the kiss was a betrayal similar to Judas Iscariot’s kiss to Jesus before his arrest and crucifixion, according to Christian belief.

The convicts are currently held in Industrial Area and Lang’ata prisons.