In response to a tragic incident earlier today involving a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) helicopter crash in Elgeyo-Marakwet County, President William Ruto has swiftly called for an urgent meeting of the National Security Council at State House Nairobi this evening.

The National Defence Council, comprising key governmental figures such as the President, Deputy President, relevant Cabinet Secretaries, the Attorney-General, the Chief of Kenya Defence Forces, the Director-General of the National Intelligence Service, and the Inspector-General of the National Police Service, is currently in an emergency session at State House. The purpose of the meeting is to deliberate on the next steps following the helicopter crash that occurred in Kaben, Marakwet East.

The council is currently engaged in discussions aimed at formulating a comprehensive response strategy. Once the deliberations conclude, a formal statement will be issued to the public, providing details about the individuals onboard the helicopter, any casualties resulting from the incident, and the subsequent actions to be undertaken by the government.

The helicopter incident, which took place late Thursday afternoon, was accompanied by distressing visuals showing the aircraft engulfed in flames. As the National Security Council convenes to address the situation, the nation anxiously awaits updates on the unfolding crisis and the government’s planned course of action.

Established under Article 240 of the Constitution, the National Security Council holds a pivotal role in overseeing national security matters. Chaired by the President, the council exercises supervisory control over various national security organs and performs additional functions as prescribed by national legislation.

Preliminary reports indicate that the military helicopter involved in the crash was transporting Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla. According to initial accounts, the helicopter was one of three aircraft departing from the Cheptulel area, with reports suggesting that it was the first to take off before crashing moments later.