Members of Kenya’s uniformed and disciplined services have received a call to uphold professionalism in the execution of their duties. Mary Kirabui, Deputy Director of Community Relations and Education at the Kenya Wildlife Service, emphasized the importance of adhering to the oath of allegiance while urging security personnel to prioritize peace and fairness in their roles.

Addressing officers during the Central Region’s annual thanksgiving service at Our Lady Consolata Cathedral in Nyeri, Kirabui highlighted the pivotal role played by uniformed men and women in maintaining peace and security. She stressed the need for integrity and diligence in their duties, recognizing the public’s expectation of exemplary conduct from those in uniform.

The event, attended by representatives from various security agencies including the Kenya Police Service, Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Prison Service, and Administration Police Service, paid tribute to fallen officers who sacrificed their lives in service.

In addition to honoring fallen comrades, the service also emphasized the importance of family. Kirabui urged officers to prioritize spending quality time with their families amidst their demanding schedules, reminding them of their roles as parents and spouses.

Fr. Peter Kimani, the National Coordinator for discipline service chaplaincy, commended the officers for their dedication to government initiatives and urged them to support each other, particularly in addressing challenges such as mental health issues within the service. He emphasized the importance of mutual support and collaboration among officers to overcome obstacles and ensure overall well-being.

Ibrahim Ndegwa, Chairman of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nyeri chapter, underscored the symbiotic relationship between security and economic development. He pledged support from stakeholders, recognizing the integral role played by security in fostering a conducive environment for economic growth.