The National Government has announced significant changes in the ongoing construction of Bukhungu Stadium. These adjustments aim to ensure the stadium meets the standards set by the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Creative Economy, and Sports, Ababu Namwamba, explained that the redesign and remodeling will enable Bukhungu Stadium to host international football matches. “We have made some adjustments to ensure we conform to FIFA and CAF requirements. We are now working according to the FIFA and CAF checklist,” he said.

The National Government has pledged KSh 760 million to help the Kakamega County Government complete the construction of the stadium by the end of next year. Namwamba emphasized the importance of finishing the project within the current and next financial years. “We must finish this project within the coming financial year because the funds committed for this project fall in the current financial year 2023/2024. We are going to allocate these resources into the next financial year. We don’t want to carry these funds over again,” he stated.

Originally, the County Government estimated that completing the stadium would cost KSh 3.2 billion. However, with the National Government’s involvement and suggested changes, the cost is expected to decrease. “The county government had projected KSh 3.2 billion to complete this project based on the initial design. We have made some suggestions for changes, which will have cost implications, likely lowering the overall cost of the project,” Namwamba explained.

One of the significant redesigns proposed by the National Government includes adding a Teflon canopy on the second level of the stadium.

Namwamba highlighted the importance of completing the stadium, noting its role in developing local talent. He acknowledged that delays have been caused by heavy rains. “Bukhungu is a shrine of football and a cathedral of sports. It is a famous arena. History records that the first-ever competitive football game involving a Kenyan team happened at Bukhungu Stadium between a local team and a visiting English team. Since then, it has been a very special place for sports and football,” Namwamba noted.

The National Government is keen on ensuring the stadium meets international standards to support the development of sports in the country. With the redesigned Bukhungu Stadium, Kenya hopes to attract and host international football events, boosting local sports and providing better facilities for athletes.