The Eliud Owalo Foundation has concluded the Nyanza basketball tournament, signaling the formation of two basketball teams from the region to foster talent development.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo revealed that the top players identified during the two-day tournament will constitute Nyanza’s male and female basketball teams. This initiative aims to harness and showcase the abundant basketball talent present in the region.

Speaking at the tournament’s finals ceremony held at Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu, Owalo emphasized that these two Nyanza teams will comprise exceptionally skilled players scouted from the tournament. He underscored the importance of such teams as potential feeder programs for national basketball teams like the Lioness and Morans.

“The Eliud Owalo Foundation is dedicated to identifying and nurturing talents through competitive tournaments, providing a platform for exposure to professional teams for sponsorship opportunities,” stated Owalo.

Highlighting the foundation’s commitment to youth development in sports, Owalo announced that the tournament will become an annual event. This strategic move aims to continually unearth and showcase the region’s budding basketball stars, particularly those in schools.

“We have witnessed an abundance of talent among young players in the region, especially in schools. However, many lack exposure. The foundation is steadfast in addressing this gap by providing regular opportunities for talent identification and development,” explained Owalo.

Owalo further revealed that prominent sports institutions like the Kenya Sports Academy and the Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) were present at the tournament to scout promising players. This collaboration enhances the prospects of talented individuals to secure opportunities for further training and professional engagement.

In addition to basketball, the Eliud Owalo Foundation is expanding its sports portfolio by initiating the registration of a football club in the Nyanza region. This club will comprise players who participated in the Eliud Owalo Super Cup last year, aiming to broaden sports participation and engagement in the community.

“We are currently in the process of registering the football club, which will soon become operational. Plans are underway for the team to engage in friendly matches, including one against Coast United during the upcoming Easter holidays,” Owalo disclosed.

Asserting the foundation’s mission to empower youth through sports, Owalo emphasized the importance of sports in enhancing income opportunities and fostering personal development. The Nyanza basketball tournament witnessed enthusiastic participation, with 26 schools—comprising 13 boys’ and 13 girls’ teams— and a total of 390 students showcasing their talent and passion for the sport.

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