The eSports industry is rapidly gaining traction in Kenya, fueled by technological advancements and the burgeoning gaming sector. Increasingly, more individuals are immersing themselves in online gaming, whether as players or spectators, indicating a growing interest in eSports.

One noteworthy trend is the rising enthusiasm among higher education learners for eSports as a viable career option. An increasing number of young Kenyans are pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree programs in eSports or e-gaming, predominantly abroad. This surge in interest underscores the potential of eSports as a lucrative and promising field.

Recognizing the demand for relevant skills in the gaming industry, higher learning institutions offering eSports majors are witnessing a surge in enrollment from Kenyan students. These programs provide hands-on learning experiences and practical skills tailored to the gaming sector, preparing students for diverse career paths within the eSports and gaming industries.

According to Professor Deborah Gare from Murdoch University, Australia, graduates with an eSports major can explore a wide range of career opportunities, including game design, programming, art and animation, digital marketing, journalism, broadcasting, and education. Australia has emerged as a preferred destination for Kenyan learners seeking to advance their careers in eSports, with institutions like Murdoch University offering specialized programs and affordable tuition fees.

Plans are underway to review visa requirements for Kenyan students wishing to study in Australia, further facilitating the transition of learners into the Australian labor market. Work-integrated learning initiatives provide students with essential experience and attributes, enhancing their employability and career prospects.

The increasing interest in eSports as a career path is also driven by the limited University placements available for Kenyan students, with over 700,000 KCSE 2023 candidates projected to miss out on admissions. Against this backdrop, eSports presents a promising avenue for learners to pursue their passions and forge successful careers in a rapidly evolving industry.

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