Tusker FC, riding high on the momentum of their 11th victory in the 2023/24 season, is setting ambitious goals for the remainder of their campaign. John Njuguna, a key midfielder for the team, expressed their collective determination to approach each match with unwavering focus, aiming to triumph in all remaining 12 games on their schedule.

The recent double triumph over KCB Football Club showcased Tusker’s prowess, with Njuguna himself playing a pivotal role in securing the victories. However, despite the significance of their latest win, Njuguna stressed the team’s commitment to maintaining a one-game-at-a-time mindset, shifting their attention fully towards their upcoming clash against Muhoroni.

In an interview with Tusker Media, Njuguna reiterated the team’s mindset, stating, “As a team, this win is behind our backs. We are taking each match at a time and the target for us is to win all our remaining games. The focus now is on the next match, and we’ll see where that takes us.”

Njuguna’s performance in the recent matches showcased his own skill and determination, as he provided a crucial assist for the first goal scored by Chris Erambo and followed it up with a spectacular long-range shot to net the second goal. Reflecting on his standout performance, Njuguna acknowledged the boost to his confidence and motivation, attributing his success to consistent hard work and dedication.

“It definitely boosts my confidence and motivation. I have been striving to improve my scoring, and slowly the results are showing. I am pleased to have scored another goal, and I aim to continue working hard to score more,” Njuguna revealed.

Furthermore, Njuguna highlighted the competitive spirit thriving within the team, emphasizing that every player consistently strives to earn a starting role. This healthy competition, he noted, keeps everyone on their toes, fostering a supportive environment where players rally behind each other while pushing themselves to excel.

“When someone gets an opportunity, we all rally behind them and offer our support, while continuing to work hard for our chance,” Njuguna noted, underscoring the cohesive and determined ethos driving Tusker FC towards their ambitious goals for the season.

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