SafeBoda, a ride-hailing app originating from Uganda, has introduced a new option called ‘Electric Boda’ in its service menu.

This new service will be priced within the regular rates, aiming to encourage customers who prioritize green energy initiatives to take advantage of this opportunity. The process of ordering an Electric Boda remains the same as for other options.

By expanding their range of mobility solutions to include green energy alternatives, SafeBoda aims to enhance customer satisfaction and attract investments from climate-tech investors. Additionally, there’s potential for collaboration with emerging startups specialized in manufacturing electric bikes, such as Roam.

After temporarily halting operations in Kenya in 2020 due to decreased profits and dissatisfaction among riders during the COVID-19 pandemic, SafeBoda resumed its services in February this year. The introduction of ‘Electric Boda’ is part of the company’s plans to unveil new ventures in 2024.

While the transportation sector is highly competitive, it also presents numerous challenges and gaps that demand innovative solutions. SafeBoda is not only focusing on ride-hailing but also venturing into food delivery services, an area overlooked by other major cab companies in Uganda.

However, the success of the ‘Electric Boda’ option may face challenges such as the scarcity of charging spots and maintenance facilities. Overcoming these hurdles will require close collaboration between SafeBoda, private sector partners, and the government to ensure the sustainability of the product.