The Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy has unveiled plans for the Digital Transformation Public Sector Forum and Awards (DTPS), scheduled for February 22 to 23, 2024, in Mombasa. This initiative aims to acknowledge and celebrate the innovative strides made by government agencies in serving the Kenyan populace.

During a press briefing on Thursday, John Tanui, the PS for ICT and Digital Economy, highlighted the pivotal role of digital transformation in enhancing service delivery to Kenyan citizens. Tanui emphasized that the awards will honor state agencies that have demonstrated exemplary use of innovation and technology in their operations.

Tanui underscored the importance of the DTPS Forum and Awards as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration between the public and private sectors. By sharing success stories and best practices, participants can inspire and catalyze further digital transformation initiatives.

Key achievements in Kenya’s digital landscape were highlighted during the press conference, including the establishment of 1,450 digital hubs across wards and the deployment of 25,000 free public Wi-Fi hotspots in strategic locations. Tanui also emphasized the empowerment of citizens through access to online resources and training, promoting inclusivity and skills development in the digital era.

Robin Njiru, Regional Lead at Amazon Web Services, commended the role of cloud computing in driving innovation and supporting the ministry’s digital transformation efforts. The collaboration between the Ministry of ICT and Amazon Web Services, along with other sponsors, underscores the commitment to advancing digital solutions in the public sector.

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