President William Ruto has announced a new initiative to establish ICT hubs in every ward through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). Speaking at a church service in Kakamega, he emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring every ward has access to digital opportunities.

“We have agreed with these Members of Parliament, I have signed a new CDF law, and we are introducing ICT hubs in every ward,” Ruto stated. He outlined that Members of Parliament (MPs) would be responsible for constructing the hubs, while he would provide computers. Ruto pledged to deliver 15,000 computers to Kakamega before the end of the year.

Ruto highlighted that this initiative aims to benefit one million youth across the country by creating digital opportunities through hubs in various wards and counties. He specifically mentioned equipping Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Khiswero, Kivaywa, Busiangala, Shamerere, and Lukuyani with computers.

Addressing the challenge of unemployment, Ruto stressed the need for intentional and deliberate programs to create jobs. He cited examples of youths, like the one in Khiswero, earning $800 through digital jobs. Ruto underscored the importance of initiatives like housing and digital jobs, as well as bilateral labor agreements, to boost the economy and alleviate poverty.

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