The Principal Administrative Secretary for the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy, Eric Kiraithe, has announced the government’s initiative to extend internet connectivity to underserved areas in Mt Elgon. During a press interview in Bungoma, Kiraithe emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing network connectivity gaps across the country.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), as the regulatory authority for the ICT industry, oversees telecommunications, e-commerce, broadcasting, postal/courier services, and cybersecurity. Kiraithe mentioned that CA manages numbering and frequency spectrum resources, administers the Universal Service Fund (USF), and safeguards consumer interests.

Through the USF, the Authority aims to enhance communication services access in Mt Elgon, conducting nationwide assessments to identify areas with insufficient network connectivity. Kiraithe highlighted the successful execution of various projects over the past five years, such as the Education Broadband Connectivity initiative, which connected 54 schools in Bungoma County, including those in Mt Elgon.

The mobile connectivity project has provided access to mobile services in 117 sub-locations across 24 counties, benefiting over 750,000 people. Six sub-locations in Bungoma County, namely Chepkurkur, Emia, Kabura, Chepyuk, Korg’otuny, and Kaimugul, have been connected.

Kiraithe acknowledged the importance of internet connectivity in the security sector, promoting efficient communication and information dissemination. The ongoing Phase II of the mobile connectivity project targets 101 unserved and underserved sub-locations across 19 marginalized counties, with a specific focus on addressing connectivity challenges in Mt Elgon.

Bungoma County Commissioner, Thomas Sankei, commended the ICT Authority’s efforts and highlighted the positive impact of network connection on security. He expressed confidence that the initiative would facilitate timely information dissemination, contributing to the government’s digitization efforts for efficient communication among departments and the public.

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