Vodacom Tanzania PLC, a leading telecommunications company, has announced the full restoration of its network services and assured its customers that those unable to utilize internet services during the recent outage will have their data packages refunded.

For four consecutive days, users across the country experienced challenges with internet services due to a decrease in the quality of the internet caused by the undersea communication cables being cut.

In a statement released on May 15, 2024, Vodacom expressed regret over the inconvenience caused and apologized for it. The company affirmed its commitment to closely monitor the situation and ensure the provision of high-quality and high-speed services to its customers.

As part of its ongoing commitment to empower people through its network, Vodacom announced that customers with unused data packages would be reimbursed.

Philip Besiimire, the Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania, expressed gratitude to service providers who collaborated to restore services. He emphasized the company’s dedication to providing reliable and uninterrupted connectivity to its customers.

“We remain committed to delivering reliable and uninterrupted connectivity to our customers. Ongoing efforts are being made to maintain the highest standards of service and quality,” he stated.

Earlier today in parliament, the Minister of Information, Communications, and Technology, Nape Nnauye, provided an update on the country’s internet accessibility, stating that it had reached over 80%. He assured that services would return to satisfactory levels by the afternoon.

Nnauye made these remarks while responding to inquiries about the delayed job applications for the Police Force due to internet disruptions. He mentioned that additional five days had been granted to address the issue.

“We faced significant challenges with internet accessibility. As we speak, availability stands at over 80%. We expect to reach a stable condition by this afternoon,” Nnauye commented.

Since Sunday, May 12, 2024, Tanzania and several other countries experienced internet disruptions due to a fault in the undersea communication cables, affecting various activities reliant on internet connectivity.