Kenya Railways has announced that the Standard Gauge Railway to Meter Gauge Railway (SGR-MGR) link project in Mombasa is on track to be finished by May 31.

According to Kenya Railways, the entire link line spans 17 kilometers. The project entails the construction of new Meter Gauge Railway (MGR) passenger stations at strategic locations, including Mombasa Terminus, Miritini, Changamwe West, Changamwe East, Shimanzi, and Mombasa Central station.

Once completed, this railway line will offer commuter train services to residents of Miritini, Changamwe, and nearby areas, connecting them to the heart of Mombasa. Additionally, it will facilitate seamless travel for passengers using the Madaraka Express Passenger Service, enabling them to journey from the Old Mombasa station in Miritini to Mombasa Terminus via Mijikenda Road.

Last September, Kenya Railways outlined the scope of the project, highlighting the construction of a 2.772-kilometer Meter Gauge Railway link from Mombasa SGR Terminus to the newly constructed Miritini MGR passenger station. The project also includes the development of essential infrastructure such as a pedestrian bridge connecting SGR and MGR platforms, a locomotive turntable, and a railway bridge spanning 480 meters across the Makupa Causeway.

Over the weekend, Kenya Railways Chairman Abdi Bare Duale conducted an inspection of the ongoing construction work on the link. He was accompanied by Philip Mainga, the Managing Director of Kenya Railways, and other delegates. The inspection encompassed key sites such as the Mombasa Central Station, the Makupa Railway Bridge, and the Miritini Station along Mijikenda Road.

The project’s scope also extends to the establishment of stations at Shimanzi, Changamwe East, and Changamwe West, in addition to the Mombasa MGR station, which will house the regional office. Furthermore, the MGR line from Mombasa Island to Miritini will undergo renovation to ensure seamless connectivity.

Upon its completion, the SGR-MGR Link will streamline passenger travel between Mombasa Central Railway station in the CBD and Mombasa Terminus in Miritini. This integration is poised to enhance transportation efficiency and accessibility for commuters in the region. With progress steadily advancing, Kenya Railways remains committed to meeting the May 31 deadline for the completion of this vital infrastructure project.

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