President William Ruto has defended his use of a private jet for his recent official trip to the United States, which concluded on Friday. He stated that the private jet was less expensive than using the national airline, Kenya Airways (KQ).

In a message posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, President Ruto addressed criticism and complaints about the cost of his travel. Reports indicated that he spent at least Sh200 million to charter a luxury private jet for the trip.

“I have heard complaints about my mode of travel to the United States. As a responsible leader who sets a good example, I can say that the amount I spent was less than what KQ would have charged,” said Dr. Ruto.

This message sparked a significant reaction, with many questioning whether he was suggesting that Kenyans should avoid using the national airline for their flights. Some also expressed skepticism about whether it is indeed more expensive to use public transport than a private jet.

In his statement, President Ruto emphasized his commitment to prudent spending and suggested that his decision was based on careful consideration of costs. However, the idea that a private jet could be cheaper than a commercial airline ticket raised doubts among the public.

The discussion highlights broader issues about government spending and the use of national resources. Critics argue that public officials should support national carriers like Kenya Airways, which faces financial challenges, instead of opting for private alternatives.