President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine has publicly acknowledged and praised the coordinated action taken by Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Jordan in response to recent security threats. He emphasized that this joint effort, witnessed by the entire world, exemplified the effectiveness of unity in combating terrorism when there is sufficient political will.

In his statement, President Zelenskyy underscored the swift and efficient manner in which the allied countries collaborated to prevent terror from prevailing. He highlighted their collective determination to work together, in coordination with other partners, to prevent further escalation of the security situation.

Notably, President Zelenskyy clarified that Israel, despite not being a NATO member, did not require any formal action, such as invoking Article 5, as seen in NATO’s mutual defense clause. Instead, the involved countries voluntarily contributed to the protection of human life, reflecting a shared commitment to combating terrorism.

Drawing parallels between the security threats faced by Ukraine and those experienced in the Middle East, President Zelenskyy emphasized the universal impact of ballistic missiles and the critical need for comprehensive defense measures to intercept such threats.

President Zelenskyy also highlighted the importance of extending similar levels of support to Ukraine in intercepting drones and missiles, emphasizing the necessity of defeating terrorism universally, rather than selectively addressing it in certain regions.

Expressing gratitude, President Zelenskyy thanked leaders and states worldwide for their assistance in providing air defense systems, missiles, and training resources to protect Ukrainian skies. He affirmed that these efforts have already been effective in saving lives and pledged to continue working with international partners in this regard.

Concluding his statement, President Zelenskyy emphasized the significance of unity in combating terrorism and expressed his intention to engage in discussions with partners to explore further cooperation and enhance interception capabilities against security threats.